Major General Nick Caplin CB

Major General Nick Caplin was commissioned into the UK Army Air Corps in 1980.

He has commanded UK helicopters forces at every level to Brigadier and from all three services, including the full suite of UK battlefield and support helicopters from Gazelle to Chinook. His operational experience includes Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Kosovo where he was the de facto UN Defence Minister.

Away from helicopters, Nick has delivered the British Army’s collective training and prepared units and brigades for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has worked as a member of the Directing Staff at the Army Staff College, and as the Senior Directing Staff Royal College of Defence Studies, with a special interest in strategic leadership. He was General Officer Commanding British Forces Germany, delivering ‘local authority support’ to 40,000 British military and civilians deployed across Europe in a time of significant change.

Nick is now the Chief Executive of Blind Veterans UK (formerly St Dunstans) and is a Director of the Confederation of British Service Charities.

“Much of my experience in the Forces has concerned bringing together organisations, both military and civilian with varied backgrounds, cultures and habits to form new, leaner organisations properly configured for and focused on delivering success in an increasingly resource-constrained world. The role and approach of the Leader in such change is pivotal, and that is what excites me about the work of Coode Associates.”

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