Jim Sanger MA MBA FCA

Jim has had a broad and successful career as a senior executive, serving on the main boards of Peek, Tomkins, and James Burrough, among others.

He acts as a non-executive director, advising, mentoring and selling growing companies. As well as Coode Associates, his involvements include Vinculum Fund Management, 2020 Delivery, and Deputy Chairman of AtFutsal Group.

He has a BA and an MA in Jurisprudence from Worcester College, Oxford, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

“Every organisation is ruled by its culture, largely the culture engendered by its leaders. At its worst, this can stultify any enterprise. At its best, a leader aware of this can enliven and transform his team. In my experience, this has happened many times and has converted underperformance into great success – and fun. I believe that culture change is part of the most important factors in raising performance and am very happy to be associated with Coode Associates which is highly skilled in bringing this about.”

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