Alice Bromage

Alice is a resilience and leadership specialist who heads up Coode Associates’ Leadership Explorations.  Alice deployed across the globe with the British Army for over 20 years, and now does so as a coach and consultant. Her passion is developing high performance leaders and teams that thrive in complex environments.  This often involves helping businesses grow their profitability and performance, despite tough market conditions.

One of the favourite aspects of her role is leadership expeditions; be that in Europe, the Arctic, Africa, Jordan, India and or the Antarctic; helping clients put the Awe-factor back into business development.  Her passion is creating highly profitable, sustainable business, that both thrive financially, and help protect our planet and those around them at the same time.

Alice is the UK Ambassador for the Black Mambas; the first female anti-poaching unit in the globe, who have received awards from the UN, Greenpeace and were part of the Apple 2020 International Women’s Day campaign due to their contribution to protecting the Rhino, and countering Wildlife Crime.   She is also on the Advisory Council for Dream Tank, a US NGO helping youth solve the SDGs, the International Advisory council for Athena Business School in Mumbai, India; and Advisory council for TinyG; an international counter-terrorism network.  She is also part of the Alumni for the Harvard NPLI (National Preparedness Leadership Initiative) Programme.  Since leaving the Army, Alice has become a lifetime Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and Royal Society of Arts; passionate about being at the forefront of encouraging disruptive thinking to help find modern and innovative solutions to todays wicked problems.


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