Executive Coaching

The foundation to our approach is personal change and, whilst we emphasise our work with in-tact teams and organisations, some people find one-to-one support a better avenue to explore their development. To that end, we offer both structured coaching as well as individual advisory to executives.

Our coaching is always business-focused and outcome-based, aligning coaching objectives with the business needs and calibrating progress through a structured programme of coaching (usually 6-months).

We use executive coaching, both in support of our engagements and as a stand-alone offer, using our team of qualified and experienced coaches.

If you’d like to learn more about our coaching offer or speak to one of our experienced coaches, contact us here or call us +44 (0)20 8239 8260.

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“The coaching with Coode Associates helped me change my mindset. It wasn’t any more about me and my idea of “success” and it became a way to add value to my work (enjoy the process as much as the outcome), and embrace the importance of team spirit versus self gratification. It was indeed critical for my next career move”
Henri Assila | Senior Advisor
Banque Neuflize OBC
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