Culture Transformation

Aligning an organisation’s culture, generating belief and energy, and infusing the vision and strategy at all levels is at the heart of effective execution. However, many organisations struggle to translate their strategy into effective organisational change, relying on communication campaigns and training.

We take a different approach, based on the belief that culture must be seen as a central part of an organisation’s vision and strategy (not a stand-alone initiative). As a result, we create internal capability so that an organisation can sustain focus and competence in creating culture as a competitive advantage.

We use a highly flexible approach, adapting to a client’s situation, legacy culture and strategic needs. Our role is one of expert advisor, trainer and coach, believing that ultimately culture must be owned internally.

It takes time and continued focus to sustainably shift an organisation’s culture, although effective short-term results can also be possible with the right leadership focus and visible actions.

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