For any organisation to fulfil its strategic ambition and sustain high performance it is necessary to enhance, align and focus the human element (the mindsets and behaviours) of an organisation. Bringing clarity, focus and alignment to its strategic goals as well as building awareness, a shared language and competence around mindsets and behaviours into an organisation develops more effective leadership, results in improving alignment and enhancing employee engagement.

With this as a guiding set of ideas, five principles govern our work:

  • An organisation’s culture is a direct reflection of its leadership, so our work starts at the top. We focus on an organisation’s leadership to ensure that their behaviours (their ‘Shadow’) are aligned with what they say.
  • Recognising that changing behaviours takes time, we partner with our clients over a period of time, flexing to their agenda and capabilities.
  • Our work addresses both the structural aspects of a business (processes, policies & structures) as well as the mindsets and behaviours (culture). Both elements should act in an aligned and complementary way for a sustainable shift in ways of working to occur.
  • The Coode team are practitioners, having held senior positions in large organisations ourselves, meaning we understand our clients’ world and can apply practical solutions.
  • We also believe that sustainably transforming culture is not a mystic art, but should be approached in the same way as any other major transformation: with rigour, structure, governance and metrics.
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Coode’s understanding of leadership and business, coupled with a deep expertise in aligning behaviours, makes their support invaluable, not just at the leadership level, but the whole organisation.

Anthony Francheterre, CEO Tangerine Confectionery