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Why (culture) transformation efforts fail

John Kotter published his influential article ‘Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail’ in the…

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published 27 Jun 2017

Negative Assumptions

The silent assassins of confidence, creativity and success.

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by Alexandra Johnson – 05 Jun 2017

Disagree well

Bank Holiday weekends (and particularly the Monday) seem to challenge radio stations.

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by Richard Charrington – 03 May 2017

Air guitars, architects & business

Performing air guitar on radio may sound like madness but this weekend on Saturday Live…

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by Richard Charrington – 28 Mar 2017

Mergers, Margins & Misunderstandings

Mergers, Margins & Misunderstandings – the challenge of culture clash in M&A Kraft…

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published 10 Feb 2017

The Governance Gap

Over the past few years, there has been a growing focus on Governance and the…

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published 02 Feb 2017