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What gets measured….

Peter Drucker is normally credited with the well-worn aphorism that ‘What gets…

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by Richard Charrington – 25 Mar 2019

Up, Forward and Out

Look up Stephen Hawking, the pre-eminent physicist and cosmologist of his generation, encouraged us…

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published 15 Feb 2019

Bringing Humanity into the Workforce

“I have read your paper with exhilaration… such a thing flung suddenly into half a…

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published 08 Feb 2019

Polar Opposites

In recent months there has been a lot written (and talked) about the increasing…

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published 24 Jan 2019

Time for a Reset

Happy New Year. As people return to work, full of good intentions and new…

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published 07 Jan 2019

Don’t Trust December

December is a dangerous cocktail. Without much attention being paid to it,…

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by Charlie Coode – 10 Dec 2018