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‘Great Smell of Brut’, leadership and teamwork – Kevin Keegan tells all.

It seems it is not just ageing rockers who have an insight or two…

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by Richard Charrington – 10 Oct 2018

Quiet voices in pubs…. and other places

What have Faye Dunaway, Kim Jong Il, Delia Smith and Alex Ferguson all got…

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by Richard Charrington – 29 Aug 2018

Sorry, I’m too busy

Last week in the UK, it was half-term for most schools, providing many parents…

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published 07 Jun 2018

Start Me Up…

Keith Richards – Rolling Stone and business guru on leadership and Brexit Rockstar, guitarist,…

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by Richard Charrington – 30 May 2018

Just blame it on a typo…

Despite being younger (and therefore obviously less intelligent and capable) than me, I have,…

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by Richard Charrington – 24 Apr 2018

How to be Positively Contagious

  The impact of Emotional Contagion and how to manage it. I was happily stowing…

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by Alexandra Johnson – 19 Mar 2018