Culture Profiling Tool

Too many organisations view culture as intangible and unmeasurable, relying on subjective opinion, sentiment or anecdotal evidence. At Coode, we see culture being central to an organisation’s success, and the defining and modelling of the desired culture as a key responsibility of the board and the leadership team.

The Culture 15® culture profiling tool is like no other diagnostic tool.

Based on 15 behavioural characteristics, Culture 15® provides a comprehensive, objective framework to describe an organisation’s cultural profile, on two levels: Definition (used by Executive Teams) and Diagnosis (completed by the wider organisation). Whereas normal engagement surveys assess how individuals are feeling, Culture 15® measures practical, collective behaviours: i.e. how work gets done.

At Coode, we believe that culture can and should be measured, enabling it to be placed at the heart of the strategic execution for any organisation.

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