Culture Health Check

At Coode, we look at organisations as being analogous to organisms, not machines (as is the prevailing view), being living, breathing systems that can, if properly focused and developed, perform at a high level. Like organisms, however, organisations can also get ‘sick’ with a number of ailments (‘viruses’) acting as interference on optimum performance. Some viruses are severe enough to kill performance whilst others merely slow an organisation down.

Our Culture Health Check is designed to quickly and easily diagnose these viruses to allow organisations to identify where their problems lie and design suitable remedies and development plans. The survey results show the severity of each of 15 viruses and also the degree the effect is local or exists more generally across the organisation.

Using the viruses, we also assess the organisation’s readiness for six of the most common business challenges organisations typically face (Innovation Readiness, Matrix Structure Readiness, Growth, Customer Experience, Safety Culture & Transformation). This analysis helps a leadership team prioritise remedial actions, based on business priorities.

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