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The Business

With a heritage dating back hundreds of years, Tangerine Confectionery is the business behind many of our favourite sweets, with Barratt, Sherbet Fountain, Dib Dab, Black Jack, Fruit Salad, Refreshers and Butterkist Popcorn amongst its most famous brands.

They are an employer to over 1,000 people and operate across five busy sites, combining traditional manufacturing methods with state of the art operations.

As well as working with some of the UK’s largest retailers across multi-channels, providing both branded and own label products, Tangerine has a growing presence internationally, trading in Australia, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.


The newly appointed CEO faced a number of challenges as he took over at Tangerine.  At an organisational level, despite owning well-respected brands, the company was losing market share and had declining margins on the sugar confectionery side, while on the popcorn side, market leading Butterkist was fighting to maintain its position.  To change the situation, the CEO assessed he needed to align and focus the business on a growth strategy, while injecting energy and agility.

To support him and drive through change, he felt a revitalised leadership was needed, the more so since the role of CEO had been filled by an interim for the last 12 months.  He wished to mix the best of the previous team with new members promoted from within or hired externally.


Coode were engaged to provide advice to the CEO, develop a high performing leadership team (including individual coaching where appropriate), and assist in the implementation of an organisation-wide culture change programme.

Initial support focused on providing advice to the CEO as he made his assessment of the company and team.  This was immediately followed by engagement with the senior leadership team to help them build and align around the strategy to grow the company’s profitability.   Work included clearly defining strategic priorities, as well as the ways of working and behaviours (the culture) that would help execute the strategy – both within the team and throughout the organisation.

Development of the team and its individual members continued over twelve months, in parallel with support to the wider change agenda, in particular the engagement of the broader leadership community.  This included helping to manage the impact of the sale of the Butterkist business to keep the remaining, core business, focused on growth.


Driven by the commitment of the CEO and his team, the benefits realised have included:

An effective leadership team, unchanged in personnel, but strongly aligned and collaborating.  An external stakeholder comments:  ‘This is the most aligned and collaborative exec team during my time within the business’.

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Working with the team at Coode Associates to assist us with improving the performance of our Senior Leadership Team has been a very effective process balancing expertise and real world experience.

Sean Daly - Chairman & CEO, CMIS Group

Coode Associate’s mix of practical experience, curiosity and passion in the discipline of organisation culture are much needed and I commend them to any leader looking to improve the alignment and performance of their organisation.

Sir Anthony Seldon - Vice Chancellor, Buckingham University

The processes Coode used helped us reconnect, identify our strengths, our roles within the team and how we could help each other to become better leaders and a better team.

Denis Treacy - Global Chief Safety & Quality Officer, Pladis

Coode’s understanding of leadership and business in general, coupled with a deep expertise in aligning behaviours makes their support invaluable not just at the leadership level, but the whole organisation.

Anthony Francheterre - CEO, Tangerine Confectionery

Charlie and the team at Coode Associates have been invaluable in helping Arrow Global align our leadership around a common vision and set of behaviours.

Lee Rochford - Group CEO, Arrow Global