Executive Team Alignment


In 2014, a listed infrastructure services company approached us. There was a strong feeling in the team that, despite having defined a clear strategy and completed significant organisational changes, the group vision was not aligned with the individual business unit strategies and the executive team was not working well either as a team or in its leadership function for the group. In order to deliver on the strategy, it was vital that there was a common identity and vision, from the leadership down, to ensure that everyone was working to a common purpose and using a common language to make decisions quickly and effectively.


The first priority was supporting the leadership team in creating a shared vision and introducing them to the importance of building a common culture. Our support initially involved interviews, a facilitated session with the team, and supporting their annual leadership conference. As many of the challenges in execution in the business stemmed from the leadership team not being aligned, the newly defined vision, using elements of purpose, vision, strategic focus and culture, acted as a powerful catalyst for greater collaboration, shared action and a common language was very positively received across the business.

After a change in the composition of the leadership team in 2015, the CEO re-engaged us, this time with a focus on the leadership team effectiveness – how it made decisions, supported each other, and acted effectively as a leadership group. Working with senior teams such as this, we use our “DIPS” process, representing defined phases of work that have proven effective in creating sustained shifts in team dynamics.


Through focusing on both behavioural and structural aspects of how the team operated and working intensively to provide a common language amongst the team, the effects were profound -both in how they collaborated together and also how they spent their time. The team has changed from spending 80%+ of its time in meetings ‘managing the business’ (reporting and troubleshooting problems), to spending 20% of their time on these activities and 80% on strategic topics and creating the right culture across the organisation. They have also fundamentally shifted how they behave both when they are together and when they are apart. Through shared language and our continuing support, they now make decisions collectively, actively support each other, and make decisions with a focus on alignment – transforming the execution of their decisions, and their results.

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Working with the team at Coode Associates to assist us with improving the performance of our Senior Leadership Team has been a very effective process balancing expertise and real world experience.

Sean Daly - Chairman & CEO, CMIS Group

Coode Associate’s mix of practical experience, curiosity and passion in the discipline of organisation culture are much needed and I commend them to any leader looking to improve the alignment and performance of their organisation.

Sir Anthony Seldon - Vice Chancellor, Buckingham University

The processes Coode used helped us reconnect, identify our strengths, our roles within the team and how we could help each other to become better leaders and a better team.

Denis Treacy - Global Chief Safety & Quality Officer, Pladis

Coode’s understanding of leadership and business in general, coupled with a deep expertise in aligning behaviours makes their support invaluable not just at the leadership level, but the whole organisation.

Anthony Francheterre - CEO, Tangerine Confectionery

Charlie and the team at Coode Associates have been invaluable in helping Arrow Global align our leadership around a common vision and set of behaviours.

Lee Rochford - Group CEO, Arrow Global